Ecological Wool Cascade Yarns

Ecological Wool® is 100% Natural Peruvian Wool that’s undyed so the colors are just as they come from the sheep. Soft and wearable, this wool is perfect to either knit up some warm and cozy garments or for felting accessories.

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Natural Fibre Knitting Yarns. Here at LoveKnitting we love natural fibres. We love the warmth of wool, the softness of alpaca, the lightness of cotton, and the fluffy goodness of mohair.

For more eco-friendly gift ideas, visit the Inhabitat Green Holiday Gift Guide. Seriously, how are sheep tortured? They aren’t killed for their wool.

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Estelle Yarns has been importing and distributing some of the finest hand knitting yarns from around the world for over 30 years.

We have searched the world over in order to bring you some of the finest yarns at remarkably low prices.

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220 yards / 100 grams rating of 4.5 from 20215 votes 165563 projects. stashed 91504 times

Nordic Mart – DROPS design one-stop source for Garnstudio yarns, free crocheting and knitting patterns, crochet hooks, buttons, knitting needles and notions.

220 yards / 100 grams rating of 4.5 from 12189 votes 72995 projects. stashed 38692 times

Weight: 5 – Bulky Other Terms: Chunky, Craft, Rug Ply: 12 ply, 16 ply Bulky or chunky yarns knit up quickly making them great for a short weekend project and well suited to beginners. You’ll love knitting or crocheting with these beautiful textures.

A friendly local Canadian yarn shop with a large selection. Yarn, needles, patterns, supplies and notions, as well as classes for knitting and crochet.

Since the company started in the late 1980’s, Cascade has grown to become one of North America’s most popular yarn brands. Known for creating high quality yarns at good prices Cascade is.

Yarns & Fibers. Looking for that very special yarn? Chances are, we’ve got it! Want something out of the ordinary? We’ve got that too! At Northwest Wools we are committed to giving Knitters, Crocheters and Weavers lots of choices in all natural yarns.

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For more eco-friendly gift ideas, visit the Inhabitat Green Holiday Gift Guide. Seriously, how are sheep tortured? They aren’t killed for their wool.

Shibui Ribbed Reversible Cowl. This cosy cowl is knit in the round and can be worn double-layered for extra warmth, or as a short scarf or pulled down over the shoulders as a partial shrug.

Easy beginner knit pattern: Knit a chunky wool blanket. Free downloadable pattern for the chunky wool blanket on Design The Life You Want To Live by Lynne Knowlton

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