Quantum Private Comparison Protocol

27 Jun 2012. Comparison of quantum and classical AKE protocols. Finally, we. The pair may be a public key pair, such as private key x and public key X, or.

Molecular Physics And Elements Of Quantum Chemistry Pdf Matt Visser of Washington University in St. Louis adds some technical details: The Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is an intrinsic and unavoidable part of quantum physics. of chemistry at Virginia. It’s not only energy being transferred; there’s a process going on that is chemical. her physics background and the power of supercomputers, Vojvodic uses quantum mechanics to model and test. As chemist and author Paul Braterman (who, full disclosure, taught me chemistry for a semester in 1999 and is my
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29 Apr 2015. We propose a new efficient QPC protocol for dealing with the private comparison of equal information with cloud quantum computing. Alice and.

In this paper, we proposed an unconditionally secure quantum Private Set Intersection Cardinality (PSI-CA) protocol. Compared with classical PSI-CA protocols,

comparison protocols for both the homomorphic encryption and secret sharing. require the outputs of our protocols to be private as well, i.e. the output bit is.

15 Apr 2012. Abstract In this paper, a quantum private comparison protocol is proposed based on bell entangled states. In our protocol, two parties can.

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be considered to reach the goal of private comparison. SMC problem has been. s quantum private comparison and a new protocol,”. Eur. Phys. J. D, Vol.

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18 Apr 2017. SMC protocols of the GT problem were used to solve secure. [31] proposed a pioneering quantum private comparison protocol for some users.